Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A few things that boost my happiness

I read a blogpost from one of my favourite bloggers about a month ago that inspired me to make this list. I originally wrote the list over a course of two weeks, writing a little bit every day. The list was so long and full of the most stupid things that I only chose a fair few that I found highlighting and might be inspiring for someone. I encourage everyone to make a list of their own and I hope you enjoy mine. 

1. Music
To begin this list of things I´d like to say that i find it amazing how music can affect the mood. For example the best way to start the day in my opinion is with the Swedish theme song from Pippi Longstocking. It is the perfect song to walk to wherever I have to go in the morning and you simply cannot go through the whole song without smiling. Another song that never fails to put me in a good mood is Pocketful of sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield. One simply cannot listen to it only once so I usually have it on repeat while I do my chores (pray for the neighbours ears who must hear me sing the same song for 1-2 hours every day). 

2. The people around me
I am both talking about the people have met during my stay here in Italy and the ones I speak to at home. Its very easy to get isolated when you´re in a new country where you don´t know anybody and I really had to step out of my comfort zone when I posted a group for aupairs that I was looking for friends. I think everyone experiences homesickness sometimes and specially when spending a long time from home. What I think is best to do in that situation is talk to somebody at home (preferably about how shitty the weather is in Iceland) and then plan to meet up with some other aupairs as soon as possible. 

3. MOM! 
Talking about homesickness... In case of super-duper homesickness the best and most fool-proof remedy is to call a close family member which in my case is my mom. Talking to her is simply the best and a list of things that make me happy wouldn't be complete without her. 

4. Having something to look forward to
I can be a bit hyperbolic when it comes to having something to look forward to and I am always planning something. Whether it it tomorrows lunch, next weekends meet-up or the next 10-ish years of my life. You can bet I am planning it! For the spontaneous people in my life this can be a bit annoying but for me to get through a gloomy day I think it is very important to be able to see the sunny days ahead. 

5.  PASTA! 
Ok, food generally always makes me happy but oh, boy. Pasta. For the past two months I have been eating pasta almost every day (and sometimes twice a day) and because I am in Italy, NOBODY is judging! 

6. Gelato
Like I said, food in general makes me happy. Same as with the pasta, Gelato every day. And because of the heat - you need it!

7. The sun
Apart from being the greatest source of vitamin-d (which is known to help with depression) I simply cannot look at the sun without smiling like an idiot. The joy of being able to go outside wearing almost nothing and NOT feeling the cold biting your skin just makes me feel very happy. 

P.s I am wondering about weather to keep writing in Icelandic as well or simply switching into english completely... I guess we will find out in the next few posts.



  1. Hi.. I connect with pasta.. Food gives me an instant boost.. Particularly Chinese food like burgers and likes..

  2. Oh yes, music is amazing! I also like pasta... though I hear Italy isn't too big on serving spaghetti and meatballs. lol.

  3. Definitely music and chocolate!! Also laughter with good friends. Nothing is better than laughing with good friends while listening to music and eating chocolate, the trifecta

  4. I really liked this list idea. Nice Post!

  5. It's really good to know what things make you happy and what things don't. Some people never learn that! Awesome writing!

  6. The article is really good and relatable👌🏻